An interesting on-the-spot use for 3D printing technology.


( The Marines’ Mountain Warfare Training Center located in California trains Marines in mountain and cold weather operations. During the winter, snow can reach six to eight feet high and temperatures of 20 degrees below zero. Upgrades to equipment under extreme conditions in such weather are necessary, and recent missions were able to repair equipment by using 3D printing to replace important parts of snowshoes.

Marines’ dedicated AM team 3D-printed some customized parts for snowshoes, to improve stability in the tough snowy conditions. With a 3D printed snowshoe clip, a Marine can quickly replace a clip if it breaks while they are running forward. The Additive Manufacturing team at the command worked to develop the 3D printed clip replacement for the snowshoes. It only took three days to complete them, from design phase to delivery.

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Leonardo da Vinci parachute from 1485 finally has successful landing


4:08PM BST 28 – Apr 2008

Olivier Vietti-Teppa said the Renaissance genius’s design, which consisted of four equilateral triangles forming a pyramid and featured in a text dating from 1485, helped him make “the perfect jump”.

The 36-year-old Swiss amateur parachutist said he jumped from a hovering helicopter at 650 metres (2,130 feet) on Saturday and the Leonardo parachute deployed as planned at 600 metres above a Geneva airport.

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Amazingly, NASA is planning on sending a special helicopter to Mars, as part of their Mars 2020 rover mission.



The helicopter’s twin blades will whirl at about 10 times the rate of a helicopter’s blades on Earth — at 3,000 rpm — to stay aloft in Mars’ thin atmosphere.

“The altitude record for a helicopter flying here on Earth is about 40,000 feet [12,000 meters],” MiMi Aung, Mars Helicopter project manager at JPL, said in the statement. “The atmosphere of Mars is only one percent that of Earth, so when our helicopter is on the Martian surface, it’s already at the Earth equivalent of 100,000 feet [30,000 m] up.

“To make it fly at that low atmospheric density, we had to scrutinize everything, make it as light as possible while being as strong and as powerful as it can possibly be,” she added.

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Dr. Stephen Hawking’s final theory, which helps explain the multiverse, was published recently.


Reality may be made up of multiple universes, but each one may not be so different to our own, according to Stephen Hawking’s final theory of the cosmos.

The work, completed only weeks before the physicist’s death in March, paints a simpler picture of the past 13.8 billion years than many previous theories have proposed.

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Vivid Reminder To Lock Up: Murrieta PD Shares Video


MURRIETA, CA – As a reminder to secure your property, the Murrieta Police Department posted to social media a surveillance video from this morning at a residence near Bahama and Anguilla ways in the Winchester/Winchester Creek area.

“Luckily, his doors were locked and he was not a victim,” the department said. “Do the 9 pm routine. #nothinggoodhappensaftermidnight this was this morning at 4:30 am. We see you. … so does does the entire community.”

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The material science of building a light sail to take us to Alpha Centauri


It has been about two years since Yuri Milner announced his most audacious piece of science-focused philanthropy: Breakthrough Starshot, an attempt to send hardware to Alpha Centauri by mid-century. Although the technology involved is a reasonable extrapolation of things we already know how to make, being able to create materials and technology that create that extrapolation is a serious challenge. So much of Breakthrough Starshot’s early funding has gone to figuring out what improvements on current technology are needed.



Family surprises terminally ill grandpa with skydiving trip


You might celebrate your birthday with cake or family. But for Tom McClellan, his family thought skydiving would make the perfect gift.

“They dragged me, McClellan says. “They didn’t tell me where I was coming.”

McClellan’s 92nd birthday present comes after his family learned his colon cancer had spread to his liver and the doctor’s deemed him to be terminally ill

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Sea turtle nesting beaches threatened by microplastic pollution


Date: May 1, 2018

Source: Florida State University

Summary: Tiny pieces of plastic could be jeopardizing sensitive sea turtle nesting beaches.

Plastic is famous for its unyielding durability, making it perfect for consumer products but a unique and persistent menace to the natural environment.

For the loggerhead sea turtles that nest on the once-pristine beaches bounding the Gulf of Mexico, millimeters-thick pieces of broken down plastic — called microplastics — pose a particularly urgent threat.

A new study from Florida State University researchers shows that increasing microplastic accumulation along the Gulf’s beaches could alter the composition of shoreline sand and jeopardize the turtles’ sensitive incubation environments.

Their findings were published in the journal Marine Pollution Bulletin.

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94-year-old woman goes skydiving for birthday: ‘I better do it now’

skydiving granny

Eila Campbell’s bucket list just got one entry shorter.

Campbell, a 94-year-old woman from Williamsport, Penn., celebrated her recent birthday by jumping out of a plane alongside her granddaughter and great-granddaughter.

“This year, when I’m going to be this age, this old, I figured I’ll never make it for another year,” Campbell told WNEP. “I better do it now.”

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